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Good bye “Where is Droid 2?” Welcome back “Where is Droid?”

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Last October, we had to split the application into two separate applications. A version 1 with the free worlds and a version 2 with the paid worlds. We had to make this choice because Google required us to update our code to use version 4 of the payment library (the code that manages the payment in the application). If we didn’t, in November, Google would pull the application from the Playstore. Despite our efforts to upgrade our code from version 3 to 4, we did not succeed. There were still errors. So we had to decide to separate the application into two versions.

Today, we found a professional developer who helped us upgrade to the latest Google version (library version 5). This allowed us to reintegrate all the worlds (10 worlds) in the free version with in-app payment for worlds 6 to 10. This allows users to have only one application and not two to install to play all the worlds.

Screen capture of free Worlds available
Screen capture of all Worlds available (after in-app purchase)

If you are one of the people who bought “Where is Droid 2?”, contact us through the contact form of this site or our email address ‘’ so that we can give you a code to get all the worlds for free in the “Where is Droid?” unique application.

If you had already bought the Worlds into the first application, then after updating the app (version 13.0.03), you will find all the 10 Worlds unlocked.

So! Good news! You can update “Where is Droid?” and remove “Where is Droid 2?” from your device and have only one app to play with. 🙂 Enjoy!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.