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App of the day!

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We are very proud to have been chosen by the great site “APP OF THE DAY“! as application of the day

You can find the article at the following link:

Farhan, the editor of “App of the Day”, a section of the online blog “DownloadAstro” contacted us after discovering “Where is Droid ?” and from there things went very smoothly. The exchanges with them were pleasant and very professional. A big thank you to them for this article !

Our friend Droid is still growing! We take advantage of this article to announce the arrival of a “Where is Droid KIDS ? The first world is already ready and will be free!

Where is Droid Kids?

Also, as you may have noticed, the “Where is Droid ?” application has been split into two applications : “Where is Droid ?” and “Where is Droid 2?

EDIT December 29th 2022 : We managed to integrate payement in-app back to be able to have only one unique application

Enjoy it and thanks again to “APP OF THE DAY”!